With half a century worth of experience in the marine engine sector, Suzuki Marine has enriched its expertise in building reliable and powerful outboards. Suzuki is well-known for its innovative engineering and the quality of its engines. All of our Marine engines combine advanced features and cutting edge technology that only the world’s 4-stroke expert could offer, such as:



The New DF300AP/250AP incorporates several new features, the most notable being Suzuki Selective Rotation. Suzuki engineers have designed a lower unit for the DF300AP & DF250AP that will run either right or left rotation. The DF300AP/250SP is built with special counter rotating gearing in the lower unit, which causes the prop to rotate in the opposite direction. Suzuki Selective Rotation eliminates the need to purchase a dedicated counter-rotation outboard by using a special switch that when connected to a circuit inside of the engine compartment, turns a regular rotation outboard into a counter-rotation model with a counter rotational propeller.



The Suzuki Troll Mode Sytem is optionally available on DF40A-DF140A DF250AP and DF300AP. This system provides finer control over engine speed at low rpms keeping the boat moving at a steady soeed while trolling. When the system is engaged, engine speed is controled with an independent control switch that adjusts engine revs in 50rpm increments over a range that spans from idle to 1,200 rpm. In addition to the control switch, which can be mounted nearly anywhere on the consol, the system includes a tachometer and is compatible with Suzuki's SMIS digital gauges or the dial scale analog gauges.


Available on models DF40A-DF115A. Suzuki's Multi-Function Tiller handle is ergonomically designed using computer modeling to simulate the operator's body, arm and eye movements to optimise placement of the shift lever, switches and indicator and provides easier, more comfortable control of the outboard. The shift lever is also ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable feel whether it's operated with the left or right hand. The power trim and tilt switch is located on the handle grip allowing simultaneous operation of the throttle and trim and the handle also incorporates a Suzuki Troll Mode System switch.



The DF140A and DF115A are the Suzuki's first four cylinder outboards featuring a knock sensor. Found on some V6 models, this system is used to detect and control abnormal combustion allowing the engine to operate at optimum performance. The system increases engine durability and helps deliver maximum power.


With Suzuki’s precision control, operating an outboard has never been easier. Only available with the DF300AP / DF250AP, this SUZUKI PRECISION CONTROL (SPC) throttle and shift system puts unprecedented power at the boater’s fingertips while eliminating the friction and resistance often associated with mechanical control cables. Using a sophisticated computer-based control system, it delivers precision throttle control and instantaneous, decisive shifting that improves operator confidence, especially in the low rpm range and in close quarters maneuvering. A sophisticated control panel provides easy access to motor control functions while built-in systems help protect the engine and drive against damage due to mishandling. The system can be configured with single or twin controls for single, twin, or triple engine configurations and its design and simple wiring make installation and adjustment quick and easy. Suzuki Precision Control also features monitoring system gauges that combine traditional pointer-style reading with digital indicators capable of displaying a comprehensive range of information.



When it comes to leading edge technology, Suzuki has generated many advanced technological innovations. Suzuki’s four-stroke breakthroughs include multi point sequential electronic fuel injection, double overhead cam, 4-valve-per-cylinder powerheads, oil-bathed self-adjusting timing chains,tuned long-track intakes, 55-degree V blocks, variable valve timing, the world’s first 250 horsepower and 300 horsepower four-stroke outboards, and much more. These achievements and the development of its current four-stroke lineup, which has received a total of four innovation awards, is due in part to the company’s vast experience and long history in the development and manufacture of motorcycles, ATVs, automobiles, and outboards.


Utilization of a long track intake manifold allows air to flow smoothly into the engine increasing power output. Suzuki’s long track intake manifolds are specially tuned to ensure smooth, efficient airflow into the engine for maximum power.


The lower units on outboards like the DF300, and the new DF90A/80A/70A/60A are designed with a sleek, hydrodynamic profile that reduces drag as it moves through the water. Compared to conventional designs, its streamlined form contributes to faster acceleration and increased speed.



Dual Battery charging made easy The DF150/DF175 and DF300 incorporate a dual battery charging system which allows you to run your electronics and accessories from the second battery (house) preventing the main start battery from being discharged. When the engine is started the system will then replenish the house battery to its capacity quickly due to Suzuki’s high output alternator.




Winner, IBEX (The International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition & Conference) 2006 Innovation Award


Winner, NMMA (The National Marine Manuafactures Association) 2003 Innovation Award


Winner, NMMA (The National Marine Manuafactures Association) 2012 Innovation Award